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You’ve become a citizen, Now What?!

Congratulations on becoming a citizen, now you can take advantage of all the things citizenship has to offer. But first, you need to do some housekeeping.

  1. Update your status on any pending immigration applications you may have (for your child or spouse for example)
  2. Register to Vote!
  3. Start any applications for family members that may have previously been unavailable to you (for your brother or sister for example).
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Become a Citizen Now!

Becoming a citizen has many benefits.  You can vote, petition for family members, travel with fewer worries and more.

The United States Immigration Service provides many resources for the examination portion of your citizenship application.  These resources are also available in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. To access these resources, follow this link:

If you are thinking of applying for citizenship, talk to an immigration lawyer first.  The application is complex and not everyone qualifies.  The requirements are not the same for everyone.  An error on your citizenship application can result in denial or delay of your application and sometimes referral to Immigration Court for removal proceedings.

To make an appointment for a consultation go to for contact information.

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